Jamiroquai Concert Review


Band: Jamiroquai

Date: 30 / 6/ 02

Venue: Palacio de Los Deportes – GranadaText Box:

Every now and again a great band comes around on tour in Andaulcia and this was such an occasion. Having heard about the concert on the www.doctormusic.com website we purchased our tickets.

The venue was the Palacio de Los Deportes in Granada, which is similar in size to the one in Malaga and provides excellent viewing both if you want to sit or stand in the main crowd.  We managed to find a great spot opposite the stage and in the centre.

The Concert started about 10.30 after the supporting act, which was a pretty good DJ who got the crowd going.

At the first sight of Jay Kay (Lead Singer) the crowd went wild, famous for wearing all sorts of strange headgear this time wasn’t going to be least as he wore a white fur hat with chrome like pieces sticking upwards in the style of a Indian big chief. The combination of the chrome and lighting effects proved very spectacular.

The first song was “Twenty Zero One” from the new album “A Funk Odyssey” which began with a lengthy introduction and got going full swing when JK started singing with plenty of visual effects.

If any of you have seen this guy in his videos his stage act is none the less, with all sorts of acrobatics and of course his idiosyncratic voice.

They played all their latest hits plus classics such as “Cosmic Girl” and “Travelling without Moving”. But without a doubt the song of the evening was “Deeper Underground” from the movie “Godzilla”. JK even imitated the overgrown lizard before the song by stomping around the stage with together to some well timed bass notes, which moved the hall.

A great show not to be forgotten.

By Ernest H Slade

Tracks from “A Funk Odyssey” (Source amazon.com)

1. Feel So good
2. Little L
3. You Give Me Something
4. Corner Of The Earth
5. Love Foolosophy

6. Stop Don't Panic
7. Black Crow
8. Main Vein
9. Twenty Zero One
10. Picture of My Life
11. So Good To Feel Real